Mining In Fairplay

Posted: Fall Semester 2017

by Zoe Westbrook, a South Park 5th Grader

Mining in Fairplay has caused many good and bad things for people that live in the community.

First of all, my brother wasn’t affected by the mining, but many community member have been affected.

The residential area near the mining has been highly affected with loud noises.

The miners use power tools. The power tools use a lot of electricity, sometimes the power can go out for households.

Many people have decided to move because the mining has been outrageous for their families.

The mining causes many debates about it causing issues, but they have followed all the rules.

Loud noises are a big issue for households near the mining area.

Last but not least, prices for households are going down. Many people have moved because of the mining. Unfortunately, many people aren’t able to make enough money off of their houses to move. Why aren’t they making enough money? The mining.

The mining has caused air to become very dusty. The population is getting smaller, causing the prices to get even lower.

Although the miners/mining business haven’t committed a crime, they are causing an outbreak.

Many people aren’t getting enough money to move because of the mining.

Luckily, my family has not been affected by the mining. We live too far away to hear or see the mining. Sadly, not all of Fairplay is far enough.

The mining has caused a debate and a riot.

When people mine around my community it affects a lot of us.


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