LETTER: More concerns over rezoning

Posted: Friday, September 1, 2017 4:09 pm

by Sarah Meggison of Alma, The Flume

It is extremely disappointing to learn that the Park County Board of County Commissioners voted for the rezoning of residential land to mining on Aug. 17 in support of a TV show. This is directly from the Park County website regarding the job of the county commissioners, "The 3-member Board of County Commissioners works to represent the interests of the citizens of Park County at local, state, and national levels. Commissioners are elected at large from 1 of 3 geographic districts for 4-year staggered terms."


I know a large majority of testimony was presented asking the BOCC to deny the application. Those who protested are the constituents of the BOCC and are the people who live in the direct vicinity of the area that will be affected the most. The recommendation from both Park County staff and the Park County Planning Commission was to deny the vote, yet these three men voted against their constituents and their own staff, for what?  All I ask is an answer to that question. Why did the BOCC choose to vote against the interests of the citizens of Park County, which is what they supposedly work to do?


As a planner who works to better the health, safety and welfare of all, I am so disappointed to live in this county where commissioners blatantly disregard the recommendations of their staff and their planning commission. I have heard from many people, whose property values have diminished due to the mining operations, that they will be moving out of town. Is that what they want? A vacant, raped landscape for a few years of fame and fortune?


We should all be asking these questions. We should all be making sure the BOCC are held responsible for their decisions and how they affect those of us who live in Park County.





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