LETTER: Mine rezoning decision

Posted: Friday, September 1, 2017 4:08 pm

by Carolyn Erdie of Fairplay, The Flume

How is that Fairplay is represented by two county commissioners from Bailey and one from Alma? And they are entrusted to determine the fate of Fairplay. The simple fact is that many of us cannot vote on any issue concerning us, because we are taxed, but we have no vote since our main domicile is elsewhere. Is that taxation without representation? 


Thursday morning, Aug. 17, at 7 a.m., I drove from Colorado Springs to Fairplay to attend the county commissioners meeting and was aghast at the results of their decision to allow the rezoning of land from residential to mining. The decision is to the detriment of homeowners adjacent to the land in question. These people voiced their objections at the last meeting where the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, County Planning Department staff and the Park Planning Commission also expressed major concerns. The county commissioners who hail from Bailey and Alma had a script read by their lawyer and subsequently voted, without any discussion, to deny the homeowners their request.


It appears they had met privately and, it is my understanding, that is illegal.


At the commissioner’s meeting on July 27, the commissioner from Alma walked out in the middle of the meeting, right in front of a woman who had driven from Fort Collins and was giving a presentation.


He mumbled that he had a dentist appointment. Dereliction of duty?


The desecration of the countryside, the noise at times which exceeds the acceptable decibel level, the dirt precipitated by trucks and the killing of hundreds of bristlecone pine trees is inexcusable, leaving behind piles of rock and disturbed terrain. All this is to benefit a reality TV show and gold. It is my understanding that there is a $200 fine for cutting down a single bristlecone pine. The meeting on Aug. 17 was disappointing, to say the least.


Representatives from Alma and Bailey clearly do not care about Fairplay, the livelihood of the locals, and their goal to make the town attractive to tourists. A huge mine is not beautiful or beneficial to that goal, while lowering property values as it impinges on the Town of Fairplay.


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