County purchases water to augment Fairplay Beach Reservoir

New ABE member and one leaving

Posted: Friday, June 23, 2017 9:56 pm

by Lynda James, Senior Correspondent, The Flume

Ann Coulter from Fairplay was appointed as a member of the Advisory Board on the Environment.


Pam Jacobus said ABE recommended the commissioners adopt the 1041 model code without delay, particularly for mining activities.


Jacobus said she was resigning from ABE and the planning commission because she and her husband Myron Morrow were moving to Delta County.


She said the pressure Park County is facing from many sides was more than they wanted, so they decided to move to a less populated part of Colorado. They have lived here over 30 years.


Dowaliby and Brazell thanked them for their involvement in the county over the past few years.


Brazell said he appreciated their desire to learn and understand all aspects of an issue, then seek a solution, not just an easy answer.


"Sometimes you made me angry, but other times after thinking about it, I came around to your way of thinking," Dowaliby said, "The most important part of being a commissioner is to listen to the other side and be willing to change your mind based on a good valid argument."


Dowaliby said he also saw the two as good liaisons between the commissioners and residents, and they will be missed.


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