Legal Action

  • Continue to pursue the suit against the Park County Commissioners to reverse their decision that allowed land to be rezoned from residential to mining. The rationale for the decision was not publicly documented and was made without public discussion. Our lawsuit is the only recourse available to reverse this decision. If it is not reversed, a precedent will be set that could allow mining ANYWHERE in the county including along our rivers and streams or in your backyard.

Mercury Contamination

  • Continue to pressure local, state and federal officials  and local mining operators to address the sixteen recommendations from our report documenting mercury contamination in historic dredge piles (Saving South Park Colorado). These recommendations include testing for and properly managing mercury.


  • Build collaborative alliances among stakeholders including community members, regulators, other non-profits, elected officials and mining operators to create effective communication channels.

  • Encourage local mine owners to voluntarily follow principles of  the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance  (IRMA) which encourages mine operators to support the mining of minerals and metals that is consistent with healthy communities and environments, and that leaves positive long-term legacies.

County Regulations

  • Continue to work with the Commissioners to establish requirements for mining operators that are compatible with current land use and supported by residents and property owners. Using methods outlined by the State of Colorado through a House Bill 1041, we will work with the county work with mining operations to mitigate the current risks to our community from mining including toxic releases, noise, dust, burning, roads and other industrial mining issues.


​Work with the county to develop a public website showing all active and proposed mining operations and claims in the county. This would include location, ownership and operating parameters.


Create community awareness about property ownership where surface rights are severed from mineral rights and assist property owners to reattach mineral right to surface rights.

Work with appropriate organizations to encourage landowners to place mine-free conservation easements on their properties.

Work with the county to help further the following goals from the Park County Strategic Master Plan:

  • Minimize impacts on groundwater supply & quality.

  • Restore streams and riparian corridors to improve habitat, water quality. 

  • Enrich outdoor recreation opportunities.

  • Complete a countywide study and inventory of water quality impaired streams affected by mining.

  • Remediate non-point pollution sources on priority water quality impaired drainages.

Work with US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to submit public comment on all proposed mining operations in the county. 


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