TV show cast member charged

Another gold miner featured on a reality TV series is facing charges in the Yukon.

Posted: November 2, 2017

by Whitehorse Star, Whitehorse Daily Star

Another gold miner featured on a reality TV series is facing charges in the Yukon.


Derek Dodge has appeared on the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush.


He has been charged with three offences under the Yukon’s Wildlife Act in relation to the alleged killing of a black bear in 2016 in Carmacks.


He and Derek Dodge Mining Corp. #313617 are facing a charge of encouraging wildlife to become a public nuisance.


They are also charged with killing a black bear on May 21, 2016 while not authorized to do so, and not reporting it to a conservation officer.


They have also been charged with allowing the bear’s pelt to be wasted.


A spokesperson for Environment Yukon told the Star officials cannot comment on the matter because it is before the courts.


Dodge’s next court appearance on the matter is scheduled for Jan. 18 in territorial court in Whitehorse.


Dodge’s younger brother, Fred, is one of the stars of Gold Rush, and has appeared on the series since season two.


Derek has appeared in four episodes in seasons four and five of the series, working on claims near Carmacks.


According to Discovery’s website, Dodge bought the series of claims in the late 1980s.


Several other miners who have appeared on reality TV programs have also faced charges in the Yukon under various pieces of territorial legislation.


Anton “Tony” Beets, another star on Gold Rush, is appealing fines against his company, Tamarack Inc., totalling $25,000.


They relate to two charges under the Yukon Waters Act and two charges for breach of a water licence.


Beets was also fined $6,000 for two charges under the act in August, but has not appealed the charges.


Kenneth Foy, 44, who previously appeared on the History Television series Yukon Gold, pled guilty in June to three charges under the Yukon’s Placer Mining Act and one charge under the Environment Act.


Last month, he received fines totalling $145,000 for the charges.


And Cam Johnson, another miner featured on Yukon Gold, and No Name Resources Inc., were fined $20,000 after pleading guilty to three charges under the Yukon Waters Act in May.


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